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Nynke Bruinsma, Life and Career Coach 

Nynke BruinsmaIn everything Nynke does in her life, her interest in people is always guiding her. She’s curious about where someone came from and where someone is heading to. Literally she experienced this during her work on an international airport.

As a manager in health care she motivated her team to adjust to the organizational changes taking place. And now in her work as expat coach she’s thrilled about the opportunity to meet people on a one-to-one base and work on what’s important to them.

During her stays abroad she got impressed by the strength starting something new and leaving everything that’s familiar to you can bring. Her drive is to bring out peoples dreams and talents to the surface. She enjoys helping others see things more clearly and to search for the motivation to reach that final goal.

Nynke was born in the Netherlands and studied, worked and lived in Amsterdam and London. She has a Master’s degree in Sociology from the University of Amsterdam. During her studies she specialized in cultures of organizations and intercultural differences in multinational companies.

Nynke is a bilingual (English/Dutch) Life and career coach and was trained to coach by CoachU. She’s now living in the UK with her husband and three children. Nynke founded The Expat Coaches with Sabina, because she would have liked to have had a great coach herself when she became an expat spouse.

Sabina Eijkman, Life and Career coach

Sabina EijkmanSabina is passionate about working with expat spouses and their families during their international relocations. Inspiring people to embrace the opportunity to make a change and to move forward in life, she considers as on of the most rewarding elements of her work.

Born into a Dutch expat family, Sabina has spent her childhood in Brazil, Canada, Kenya and the Netherlands. She has travelled all over the world and has worked throughout Europe in multinationals such as Danone. Becoming an Expat Coach was like a natural move to her.

Sabina holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the Erasmus University of Rotterdam, the Netherlands. She has fulfilled positions in finance, purchasing and sales. Currently Sabina enjoys living in the UK - as an expat spouse herself - with her husband, two sons and a daughter. She is director and co-owner of The Expat Coaches.

Sabina is a professional coach trained by CoachU who enjoys working one-to-one with her clients. As she understands both the challenges and the opportunities of the expat life, she will support, listen and encourage her clients to live the life they want, wherever they are. Her unique perspectives and style makes her coaching both powerful and fun.

Sabina is a bilingual (English/Dutch) Life and career coach.